Interview & Article on Capturing the Y-Gen Consumer
The Y-Generation consumer has become disenfranchised with the current automotive old school. Find out how to use in-car technology to make driving more relevant, convenient and enjoyable for a new consumer segment. 

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  • Listen to our exclusive interview with Michael Deitz, Senior Group Manager at Hyundai (US), to discover how to engage the digital native generation with a new era of technology

  • Read our article to get a 360 degree view on how the automotive industry are reacting to a new consumer demographic with comments from Henry Bzeih, CTO of KIA (US), Andrew Poliak, Director of Business Development at QNX and Roger Lanctot, Associate Director for Automotive at Strategy Analytics

  • Survive in a potentially ownerless car market by understanding the priorities of a new group of buyers and engaging them with relevant technology
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