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Autonomous Vehicles - Let’s Get Ethical
Autonomous vehicles mean change- and one of the crucial factors to be considered before self-driving vehicles even hit the roads is how they will be able to process “human” decisions that may appear second-nature to us.

The interview below with Dr. Chris Gerdes, Director of the Center for Automotive Research at Stanford, gives an idea of the complexities involved in the ethical debates surrounding autonomous vehicles.

Dr. Gerdes will be discussing this in more detail in a headline presentation at TU-Automotive Detroit (3-4 June), the no.1 show dedicated to evolving automotive technology. Joining him on stage over two days are GM, Volvo, Ford, MIT, Honda, Subaru, TomTom, and more!

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The Ethics of Autonomous Vehicles

Listen to this sound clip – it really opens up aspects of this debate you may not have thought of before.

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Speaker Feature: Dr Chris Gerdes


Chris has specific interest in the development of driver assistance systems for lane keeping and collision avoidance, modelling and control of novel combustion processes for Internal Combustion engines and diagnostics for automotive drive-by-wire systems.

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The Most Pressing Questions in Automotive

In 2015, TU-Automotive Detroit will bring the core tech. business and strategy topics to the stage – plus headline discussions that will take you out of your daily bubble and provide food for thought!

Here’s what we have in store:
  • Safety, ADAS, Autonomous: Integrate the big ethical, human and legal questions into your tech. roadmap to complete the autonomous puzzle

  • Connected Car Data: The hottest commodity in the world’s hottest tech. industry – are you feeling its full power?

  • Smart Mobility: Automakers become mobility service providers. From car-sharing to sustainability - OEMs re-invent transportation for the 21st century

  • Legislation vs. Technology: From distraction to liability and licencing. Get legislators on side to make the right decision for the future of auto tech.

  • Cyber Security: Create an in-penetrable connected car infrastructure to ensure hackers can’t take control of the road
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Professor Gerdes’ research focuses on the application of dynamic modelling to problems in nonlinear control, estimation and diagnostics.

This has resulted in him leading the team responsible for ‘Shelley’, Stanford’s robotic race car which gets around a 3-mile course in less than 2 1/2 minutes, rivalling professional drivers – a project Chris has presented during TEDx events.

Recent research has devised algorithms which integrate philosophy and ethics into the vehicles decision making process.