Toyota Places Connectivity at the Centre of Smart Mobility
In this case study Toyota’s VP & CIO shares a case study for smart mobility in the city of Grenoble.

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Toyota’s Smart Mobility Society Vision

In this presentation you will learn:
  • How to partner up with companies outside your industry and the importance of cooperation to enable a mobility ecosystem

  • To put the customer first and create connected services based around comfort, convenience and safety

  • Real life case study: See how Toyota have already rolled out their mobility program (Ha:mo) in the city of Grenoble - get to grips with tech. and data collection methods (e.g. vehicle, mobile phone & intelligent infrastructure) to the data management systems at their centre 
Pierre Masai, VP & CIO, Toyota Motor Europe

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This Presentation Excerpt Includes:
  • 8+ minutes of audio giving C-level insights to auto-mobility

  • 12+ illustrative presentation slides to accompany the audio

  • Downloadable PDF so you can share your learnings


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